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    Marine Raider

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US Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command

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Airsoft based reenachment of
MARSOC Marine Raiders
(Timeframe 2013+)

MARSOC Marine Raiders
The Marine Corps is the nation’s expeditionary force, ready to respond to any crisis, anywhere. Marines have always fought our nation’s small wars, its irregular wars—the wars of the future. MARSOC Marines are Marines first, and they build on their Corps legacy: MARSOC operators go forward to win the war before it starts.


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Active Duty:

- Raider - CSO / Team Leader
- HeoHaBT - CSO*
- mosquito - CSO
- Phoenix - CSO
- Eduards - CSO
- Ricky - CST*
- Antares - ANA SF COMMANDO*

*CSO - Critical Skill Operator (Marine Raider)
Marines designated Critical Skill Operator (CSOs) colloquially known as "Raiders".

*CST - Cultural Support Team (Marsoc Support Grpoup)
Cultural Support Teams are comprised of female Soldiers who support special operations forces. They take part in many different types of operations to include combat operations. The CST members are aware of local culture and customs and perform a wide variety of functions and work with SOF teams.

*ANA SF Commando Unit (Allied Forces) - Marine Raiders train, advise, and assist friendly host nation forces - including naval and maritime military and paramilitary forces - to enable them to support their governments' internal security and stability, to counter subversion and to reduce the risk of violence from internal and external threats.


- Aleksejs N.

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"Always Faithful, Always Forward"

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    Marine Raider

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MARSOC’s core activities are:
(Legend for airsoft and milsim games)

  • Direct Action:

Conducting short strikes and small-scale offensive actions to seize, destroy, capture, recover, or inflict damage in hostile or denied areas.

  • Special Reconnaissance:

Acquire information about the capabilities, intentions, and activities of an enemy.

  • Preparation of the Environment:

Collection intelligence and prepare for future operations at the direction of command.

  • Security Force Assistance:

Supportig the security forces of allied foreign governments to achieve operational objectives the our shares.

  • Counterterrorism:

Prevention, deter, and respond to terrorism.

  • Foreign Internal Defense:

Training and other assistance to foreign governments and their militaries to enable them to pro vide for their national security.

  • Counterinsurgency:

In concert with allied governments, we conduct military, paramilitary, political, economic, psychological, and civic action operations to defeat insurgency.
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"Always Faithful, Always Forward"